Hourly efoil rental is a perfect way to experience the thrill of efoiling without committing to purchasing your own board. At Offwater eFoils, we offer hourly rentals for our beginner selection efoil boards.

Our beginner selection efoil boards are designed for those who are new to efoiling and want to get a feel for the sport. These boards are stable, easy to ride, and perfect for those who want to learn how to efoil. Check out our efoil board selection on our website and find the perfect board for you.

When you rent from us, you get an hour of ride time on our beginner selection boards. We also provide a safety briefing and basic instruction on how to ride the board, so you can feel confident and safe while on the water.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop after your hour is up. We offer additional hours for a discounted rate, so you can continue to ride and perfect your efoiling skills.

To make your reservation or to learn more about our beginner efoil board selection, visit our website at https://www.offwaterefoil.com/index.php/efoil-board-beginner-selection/. And be sure to follow us on Instagram @offwaterefoil and like us on Facebook at @offwaterefoils for the latest news and updates.

Book your hourly efoil rental today and experience the thrill of efoiling on the beautiful waters of Toronto. Click here to check out our efoil board selection and find the perfect board for your ride.